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Facts About Modular Homes

Modular Homes in Southern New Jersey - The Facts

  1. Modular homes do appraise the same as 100% site-built homes.

  2. Modular homes do not depreciate in value. Manufactured homes do.

  3. Modular homes can be customized.

  4. Most modular home companies have their own in-house engineering department. Nationwide Homes does have our own engineering department that uses CAD (Computer Aided Design).

  5. Modular home designs can be various styles: ranch, cape cod, two-story, multiple stories, apartments, condos, town-homes and additions.

  6. Modular construction is also used for commercial applications such as offices.

  7. Modular homes are permanent structures - "real property."

  8. Modular homes can be built on the following foundation types: crawlspace, basement, piers and coming soon - engineered slab system.

  9. Modular homes are considered a form of "Green Building."

  10. Modular homes are inspected during each phase of construction at the plant by independent 3rd party inspectors.

  11. Modular homes are faster to build than a 100% site-built home saving you extra construction interest payments. This is where the savings begins.

  12. Home loans for modular are the same as if buying a 100% site-built home.

  13. Insuring your modular home is the same as a 100% site-built home.

  14. Taxes on a modular home are the same as 100% site-built home.

  15. Nationwide modular homes can be built to withstand 175 mph winds. 

  16. Modular homes offer hundreds of personalized features such as - ceramic floors, granite countertops, various cabinets styles and wood species, exterior finishes, plumbing fixtures, etc. Basically, you can include anything you want in our homes.

  17. Modular homes can be built for accessible living and designed for future conveniences. 

  18. Modular homes are typically heavier than 100% site-built homes due to extra material used for delivery.

  19. Modular homes can be built in suburban and urban areas.

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