...Rethinking Modular

HiPerformance Construction

Tougher than a site-built counterpart...

Offsite, engineered frame-it-first construction utilized by Nationwide is a complete system that delivers consistent, high-quality home construction results. In all the US states NAtionwide is registered to do business in, we submit over 8,000 pages of documentation detailing engineer-approved quality control and calculation manuals.

For quality control, each Nationwide home is built with over 300 inspection approvals in our factory alone. Site-built homes simply cannot be given the same level of oversight.  Put simply this system of home building makes our homes tougher-much tougher than the typical site-built home.

Don’t take our word for it- come visit our building centers and see it for yourself. Factory tours are available at no cost and can help you see the precision that goes into the construction of a Nationwide home.

HiPerformance Coastal Construction

Nationwide Homes designs and builds modular homes for coastal properties along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. Our homes meet the strict building codes of Miami-Dade County in Florida, which is known to have the strictest building requirements in the country. Built to withstand 175 MPH wind zones has also made Nationwide Homes the top modular builder in the Florida Keys.

· Architectural styling for coastal environments.

· Built to withstand 175 MPH wind zones.

· High impact-resistant glass windows and doors available.

· Special fasteners and materials to withstand the harsh coastal environments.

· Models can be elevated using pier foundations.

· Ability to customize designs to fit any lot and provide a panoramic view.